Love Island star Cara De La Hoyde's 'secret vault of PornHub videos exposed'... after she denies 'full frontal' past

The 25-year-old has previously admitted to featuring on erotic webcam site Studio 66, which is a version of Babestation, but its now come to light that the reality star has hundreds of videos on PornHub.

Love Island's Cara De La Hoyde has been exposed as a porn star.

Her secret vault of X-rated films was revealed by none other than fellow reality star Scotty T.

Taking to Twitter, he referred to Cara's boyfriend Nathan Massey and wrote: "I wonder if Nathan knows Cara got a massive collection on Porn Hub, AWKS! #LoveIsland."

He later added: "Think we know what is trending on porn hub now you dirty b******s."

The news comes after Cara insisted that she would never work in porn, claiming she likes to keep some things sacred for her partner.

"I have done full frontal but never open leg," she said.

"There is nothing wrong with people who do porn but I know my limits, being naked is different to showing everyone that

"That should be for your fella. You have to save something otherwise everyone sees everything."

Cara, who has previously posed for Playboy Plus, confessed she once worked for adult video channel Studio 66 between the ages of 23 to 25.

However, she insisted she didn't like the job: "I used to do night-time chats as well as daytime and it's dirty chat.

"It really affected my relationships as well because how can you explain to someone, 'Yeah I love you and I want to be with you but at night I'm going to go and talk to complete strangers'.

"I got to a point where I used to dread going to work. The girls that are doing it are amazing, but I reached a point."

She's a cheeky one: The brunette, shot here by Joby Rawlins, has previously worked for chatline and saucy shoots, but insisted that she'd never done 'full frontal'

Having fun: Inside the villa, Cara has been nothing but a fun and flirtatious housemate

Being silly: Last month, she dressed up in a fun S&M style outfit for a 'heart rate challenge'

At home:  Cara strutted into the room in a latex police uniform-style dress and matching hat

Never fully dressed: The stunner entered the house as a circus performer

“You take your clothes off but you can’t do anything else.

“It was good, I used to enjoy it, I did it for about two years and started when I was 23. When I was younger it was amazing money."  Cara also admitted that she had appeared in adult magazines: “I have done Playboy and Mayfair but I am proud of that.

“I have done full frontal but never open leg.

“There is nothing wrong with people who do porn but I know my limits, being naked is different to showing everyone that."


Cara worked for Studio 66 which is like Babestation

However, one video of Cara's - who spells her name with a K on the site - definitely features more than she admitted to in her interview.

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Cara has been paired up with Nathan since the start of the show

Since giving up her job at Studio 66, Cara has moved into circus performing, working with Cirque Le Soir on the aerial hoops and fire breathing acts.

The gorgeous brunette has quite a substantial fan base online

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