America’s Got Talent’ Recap: Steven Brundage Makes Epic Return As Wild Card

Mr. Rubik’s cube is back! After Steven Brundage was voted off in the Judge Cuts of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ fans petitioned to have him back — and it worked.

Despite the anticipation for Steven, he wasn’t the first to take the stage. Instead, all-girl dance crew FLIP kicked off the show at Dolby Theatre with an epic routine to Sia’s “Alive.” As if their gold fringe outfits weren’t amazing enough, their moves were completely on point. Even so, the judges’ reviews were mixed.

Next up is singer Moya Angela, who boldly covered Whitney Houston‘s “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.” She certainly showed her range and powerful voice, but it didn’t seem like her strongest performance — and the judges pretty much agreed. Simon Cowell still believes in her, though, so maybe America will too!

Dancing juggler Viktor Kee put on another impressive show, hatching out of an egg, throwing five balls at a time, balancing them on his spine…and making Heidi Klum get on her feet! Viktor even got Simon to say that he’s probably the “best juggler in the world.” I still can’t really get over the flesh-colored bodysuits, but his amazing act does make up for it!

Kadie Lynn Roberson has wowed the judges with her age-defying country croon, and she did so again singing Maren Morris‘ “My Church.” Simon called her a little superstar as he has before, and the rest of the judges raved over her too. Simon’s confident she’ll be going to the semifinals, and frankly I hope he’s right!

The I-can’t-watch duo Ryan Stock and Amberlynn made everyone cringe once again with their uber-dangerous routine. Despite the lighthearted music and theme surrounding the act, we witnessed first-hand that their crazy antics can sometimes go wrong. After Ryan successfully swallowed a curved sword and a long dart, he put a target down his throat and had Amber shoot at it with a flaming arrow. In a terrifying turn of events, Amberlynn missed the target and actually hit Ryan in the neck — and suddenly all went quiet. Thankfully he was okay, but the judges insisted that he sees an EMT. Not sure I will want to see them try anything else after that, but who knows what America will want.

After getting official word that Ryan is okay, Calysta Bevier takes the stage. Simon’s Golden Buzzer girl delivered yet another inspirational performance, this time of Sara Bareilles‘ “Brave.” Umm, talk about chills! She had all four judges out of their seats and totally raving over what she’s all about. After a performance like that, I understand why!

Yet another teen owns the stage tonight, but this time it’s 15-year-old contortionist Sofie Dossi. After basically folding herself in half, she grabbed a flaming arrow by her feet, BLINDFOLDED herself, and successfully shot it to a target. She’s so flipping talented…and young!

Mind-reading magician couple The Clairvoyants freaked everyone out once more with their haunting psychic routine. This time it involves jelly beans and predicting the exact colors and numbers that the judges picked — and they got every single one right. Think they can control America’s minds to vote for them too? My mind is going there, so maybe…

Sal Valentinetti, who has lost a whopping 50 LBS since his first Golden Buzzer-earning audition, sang a flashy big band version of One Direction‘s “Story Of My Life” (who knew that was possible!), and it was actually pretty impressive. As Simon said, he’s such a showman, and he really proved that!

Danger-loving duo ThroWings gave a breathtaking performance that involved so many backflips and so much human tossing that it was already amazing. But to make the stunt even more incredible, it was the exact same act that flyer Anny had broken her spine doing years ago. If that kind of courage doesn’t deserve America’s vote, I don’t really know what does!

And finally, we have Steven! He has blown everyone away with his Rubik’s cube magic before, but this time it didn’t seem like an act he could have fixed whatsoever. Steven didn’t just perform a trick, he truly performed magic — he somehow predicted every Rubik’s combination flawlessly, proving that he isn’t rigging these performances. So uh, how did he get eliminated in the Judge Cuts again?

Quick-change contestants Sos & Victoria closed out the night, and I’m not quite sure why they were the last ones to perform. Despite an impressive number of changes and some neat outfits, Sos & Victoria received a lot more criticism from the judges than they have in past auditions. Even though their act is unique, not sure it will be a Top 7 contender for the night. But we’ll just see in the live results!

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