School Leaving Certificate , SLC adopts GPA System : Announches First Board Topper Under GPA system, 83 Year Long history Ends.

Samikshya Subedi , Student of Sungava Public Higher Secondary School from Murgiya, Rupandehi district has topped the Board Examination with the GPA 4.0

Samikshya Subedi, Board Topper SLC, 2072 , Image: RSS

SLC exam in Nepal is the final test the student have to appear during their School life.Students are permited to enroll further studies only after they have this exam passed, thats why it is normally coined as Iron gate.

The Government of Nepal has recently adopted the Grading System for the students appearning in SLC exams.

The Office of the Controller of Examinations  published the results of the School Leaving Certificate exams-2016 in letter grading system for the first time in the 83-year history of SLC exams.

In spite of the fact that the quantity of students showing up in the exams was higher than at any other time, the outcome was distributed in record 69 days. A year ago, it was distributed in 80 days.

In earlier years, students used to get their imprint sheet with subject-wise score and rate. Be that as it may, from this year, the examinees will get grade sheets with grades in every subject and Grade Point Average.

A sum of 615,553 students had filled exam shapes yet 11,864 were considered ineligible and 15,537 did not swing up to take the exam. Thus, 437,326 students took the exam. Upwards of 16,454 students got GPA somewhere around 3.6 and 4.0 which falls in A+ class and means a rate somewhere around 90 and 100.

A portion of the students who showed up for SLC were not amped up for their outcomes, as they would have favored subject-wise checks and result in rate.

The OCE premises, which used to be stuffed with SLC examinees excited to see their outcome after its distribution, for all intents and purposes wore an abandoned look today.

Pankaj Shah, who showed up for SLC exam from Shree Thuma Secondary School of Kuldevmandu, Bajura, said he was not content with the outcome, as he got a B+ (3.15) grade.

"Since we can't see our rate and stamps in individual subjects, we won't have the capacity to know who outscored us in what subject and devise techniques to beat them next time," he said.

Shailee Manandhar of Naxal-based Brihaspati Vidya Sadan School said however it was the outcome day she was casual, as she was sure of getting remarkable scores.

"We are not habituated to this new framework subsequently some sort of interest was there in regards to the outcome," she said. She really scored A+ in five subjects and A  in three subjects and accomplished a GPA of 3.85.

Anuj Ojha from SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Sanothimi, respected the reviewing framework. He said with grades in subjects there will be no separation between students with high score and low score.

Not long after the outcomes, person to person communication destinations like Facebook and Twitter were loaded with remarks on GPA and grades.

A portion of the clients respected the evaluating framework while others scrutinized it, expressing that watching result with grades, for example, A+, A resembled watching the blood bunches. Some said getting GPA and grades in SLC was not as satisfying as accepting result in rate and checks.

At the point when the administration used to report result in rate with subject-wise imprints, more than 50 for every penny of the examinees would get fall flat status for securing under 32 marks in every subject.

Bishwo Kanta Pandit, training secretary, Ministry of Education said they needed to demonstrate the quality and information of students in individual subject through reviewing framework.

"We are going to enhance the examination framework to make it perfect with grades in the coming days," he included.

Annapurna Post, The National Daily News has published the name of the Board Topper of the SLC 2072, According to the results published on thursday from the Office of Examination Controller, Samikshya Subedi , Student of Sungava Public Higher Secondary School from Murgiya, Rupandehi district has topped the Board Examination with the GPA 4.0

5. List of Board Toppers From 1990 BS - 2072 BS

1990 : Puspabhakta Malla

1991 : Gopal Prasad Rimal

1992 : Yadunath Khanal

1993 : Shyam Krishna Gautam

1994 : Chandra Dev Ojha

1995 : Tirtha Prasad Pradhan

1996 : Bharat Bahadur Pradhan

1997 : Bhuvan Lal Pradhan

1998 : Runulal Singh Suwal

1999 : Tirtha Bahadur Pradhan

2000 : Gyan Mani Acharya Dikshit

2001 : Vishnu Prasad Dhital

2002 : Ranjanaraja Sharma Khanal

2003 : Upendra Maan Malla

2004 : Bhavani Shankar Rajbamshi

2005 : Damodar Phunyal

2006 : Mohan Shah

2007 : Nanda Krishna Agarwal

2008 : Mahavir Prasad Agarwal

2009 : Babu Lal Agarwal

2010 : Purushottam Narayan Shrestha

2011 : Padam Lal Shrestha

2012 : Ram Babu Shrestha

2013 : Anandaman Singh Amatya

2014 : Dibya Ratna Shakya

2015 : Prakash Chandra Lohani

2016 : Shiva Prasad Adhikari

2017 : Ramesh Sharma Bhatt

2018 : Prachanda Jung Shah

2019 : Ramesananda Baidha

2020 : Dipak Bajracharya

2021 : Bhesh Raj Kandel

2022 : Narendra Nath Sharma

2023 : Prakash Manandhar

2024 : Dambar Bahadur Nepali

2025 : Bhakta Bahadur Nepali

2026 : Babu Ram Bhattarai

2027 : Angrita Sherpa

2028 : Drona Prasad Rasaili

2029 : Rajendra Kumar Kunwar

2030 : Pramod Raj Pokharel

2031 : Kishor Thapa

2032 : Ram Chandra Sharma

2033 : Balaram Pandey

2034 : Anil Bahadur Manandhar

2035 : Vijay Krishna Shrestha - Satish Bajaj

2036 : Uttam Krishna Shrestha

2037 : Dwarika Prasad Shrestha

2038 : Achyut Babu Tiwari

2039 : Luna Bhattarai (First Lady Topper)

2040 : Nisha Dhaubadel

2041 : Shambhu Sharan Shah

2042 : Rajan Lal Pradhan

2043 : Deep Kumar Singh

2044 : Pramod Acharya

2045 : Rajendra Gurung

2046 : Nripesh Pradhan

2047 : Manav Bhattarai

2048 : Praveen Dev Pathak

2049 : Prakash Thapaliya

2050 : Garima Rana

2051 : Pankaj Adhhikari

2052 : Aayam Lamichane

2053 : Biswo Bandhu Bagale

2054 : Madan Kumar Badal

2055 : Birendra Ghimire

2056 : Sumnima Singh

2057 : Swochanda Sanman

2058 : suyarga Bhandari

2059 : Bishal Shrestha

2060 : Bishal Khanal

2061 : Samir Shrestha

2062,63,64,65  :   Name of the Topper not announced.

2066 : Kalapana Bajracharya

2067 : Aakriti Pandey

2068 : Arun Kalikote

2069 : Asim Ghimire

2070 : Dristi Giri and Sanjog Karki

2071 : Dikshit Poudel

Grade System Frist Topper :

2072 : Samikshya Subedi [ GPA 4.0 ]

SLC GPA Grading System List of SLC Board Toppers Iron Gate