MARINA MYSTERY Cops probe claims Youtube star Marina Joyce was ‘kidnapped to lure teens into ISIS attack’

Bizarre social media rumours spark POLICE investigation as wild theories about web celeb go viral

British Youtube star Marina Joyce is at the centre of a viral storm today over claims ISIS had kidnapped her as part of a plan to lure teens into a terror attack.

Joyce sparked wild abduction rumours after appearing in a video in which she appeared to beg viewers to “save me”.

The Metropolitan Police became so concerned about the claims that they sent officers to Joyce’s London address to see if she was alive and well.

But Joyce finally stepped in to quell fears this morning and tweeted: "I'm TOTALLY fine guys. I am feeling very good today and its actually so heartwarming to see so many people care about me."

The web celeb's fans have spent the past two days and nights in a frenzied attempt to uncover clues to back up their kidnap theories.

Their fears were ignited after Joyce posted a video called "Date Outfit Ideas" in which she cavorted about her garden dressed in a selection of baby doll dresses.

Joyce's dazed expression prompted false suggestions that ISIS extremists had drugged her, whilst other online would-be detectives claimed to have seen bruises on her body.

Fans also zoomed in on her eyes and claimed they could see the reflection of a hooded cameraman.

Internet rumour mongers claim a masked man can be seen in this image

A screenshot taken from the Facebook page of the 'Morning Glory' party 

Cops became involved after she invited her 171,000 Twitter followers to an early morning rave led by hippies whose "vision is a happier, healthier and more glittery world", calling on them to rendezvous at Bethnal Green at 6.30 am on August 3.

But in a document viewed more than 500,000 times, one rumour mill-grinder wrote: "Do NOT go. There have been reports of shootings in the location."

Alfie Deyes, who is part of a Youtube power couple with the famous video blogger Zoella, even joined in the hysteria.

"Please please do not attend @MarinaJoyce7's meet up tomorrow morning," he wrote.

"I'd hate for anyone to be in danger."

It is understood concerned followers phoned the police, prompting officers to visit her home in Enfield.

The force then tweeted that she was OK using the same "#SaveMarinaJoyce" hashtag fans were using to publicise their search for answers.

Alfie Days, who runs the Pointless Blog, became involved in the craze 

Cops confirmed Joyce had not been kidnapped and used in a terror plot 

The Youtube star, who is part of an online group called the "Sacred Moon Cat Tribe", made a live broadcast this morning which was watched by tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of people.

She appeared happy and well, repeatedly saying "I love you" to her viewers.

"I'm not in danger and I'm not on drugs," she said.

"Thank you for caring about me. I love and care about you."

However, she advised kids to avoid going to next week's "sober, drug free" morning rave event.

"Don't go to the event just in case. I don't want to get people in trouble."

However, the live stream failed to reassure some of her fans, who still feared she was under duress - despite the fact Marina appeared to be enjoying the huge level of attention she had received.

Amateur detectives are still poring over the Youtuber's live stream and previous videos for more "evidence".

Some people suggested the fact Marina was unwilling to comment on the reasons for the bruises which had been spotted on her arm was suspicious.
Others claimed the stream was filmed in a different room to the one which featured in older vids, whilst yet more said she had painted her nails as a way of passing a message on.

"She looks so scared and kept tripping on her words," one Twitter user wrote.

However, another person had more likely theory for why Marina might have been acting a bit differently to her normal self.

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