Lists of WWE Superstars on Suspension Before Roman got Suspended

Find the Lists of Suspended WWE Superstars, Who were suspended on the violation of WWE Wellness Policy.

WWE announced beginning on November 1, 2007 that all Wellness Policy violations would be made public. On this page we are covering all of the suspensions that were confirmed by the company from that date forward. Any previous suspensions that were from Wellness Policy violations can only be labeled as speculation because the company did not confirm these suspensions publicly before that date.

WWE’s Wellness Policy works like this :

1. One failed test, suspended 30 days

2. Two failed tests, suspended 60 days

3. Three failed tests, the superstar is terminated.

Below are the violators of the WWE Wellness Policy since November 1, 2007:

D.H. Smith (real name Harry Smith)

D.H. Smith (real name Harry Smith)

WWE announced on November 2, 2007 that Smith had been suspended for 30 days for his first Wellness Policy violation. Smith served his suspension and returned at the December 17, 2007 RAW taping.

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