Alberto Del Rio, Paige Suspended by WWE

Wellness policy violation with a bit of intrigue

The WWE announced that two of its superstars, Alberto Del Rio and Paige , have both been suspended for violating the company's talent wellness policy. It is the first time either have received a suspension, and both are for 30 days. The suspension starts today just as the WWE heads into SummerSlam weekend.

It has been noted that Del Rio, one of the most acclaimed Mexican wrestlers of his generation, as well as a former WWE champion, has been underutilized since his return to the company last year. The same could be said of Paige, also a former champ who is one of a number of great wrestlers in the women's division competing for the Raw brand. It is also worth noting that Del Rio and Paige have been romantically linked

The WWE has been very public about the suspensions it hands down for superstars violating the wellness policy. Recently, Roman Reigns, another former champion, was on the shelf for thirty days for the same infraction. Exactly what Del Rio, Paige or Reigns took or did to earn the suspension is what is withheld. There are always rumors, and the knee-jerk speculation is usually going to point to performance-enhancing drugs since professional wrestling has a long and storied past with those (to be fair, so does nearly every major American sport). Yet Del Rio and Paige being very public about their personal activities outside the ring, then getting hit with matching suspensions, does add an extra level of intrigue to the whole thing.

Source : Rolling Stone

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