Ray Donovan season premiere recap, 'Girl With Guitar', Ray is Back

Ray is on the road to recovery until a boxing champion pulls him back into the chaotic world of "fixing problems"

It feels like it’s been a long time since Ray Donovan collapsed in church after having a spiritual and physical breakdown. Shot in the gut and looking to open up about his abusive past, he sought solace in the church. Now, he’s recovered. Father Romero nursed him back to health and Ray is even getting some pieces of his life back on track, attending Bunchy’s group therapy session and seemingly patching things up with Abby.

A man named Hector Campos is largely responsible for bringing Ray back from the brink, at least spiritually. It turns out Father Romero helped Hector when he was younger, so now it’s Hector’s turn to help Ray. He brings him to his home in Big Bear for some healing, and even attends Ray’s first group therapy meeting.

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