Jaden Smith falls victim to another Internet death hoax, 30 Plus Internet Death Haox, Check Out Whos in the list :P

Some shady sites are saying he committed suicide.

The only thing dead about Norman Reedus is the title of the show he plays on. 'The Walking Dead' star is the latest victim of a death hoax; rest assured Reedus is alive and well. Not many details are known about the hoax, but it did produce a Facebook tribute page. It seems everyone has caught on by now because at the time of publication, the page only had 108 likes.

Let this be a lesson as to why you should pay attention in English class.

A recent play on words led the World Wide Web to believe that Betty White had died, when in reality, she had... "dyed." As in, her hair.

A cheeky headline published by Empire News read that the actress had "Dyed Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home." The article was actually referring to how the star supposedly had colored her hair at home for decades.

She is, indeed, alive and well.

Jaden Smith Death Hoax