Savannah Clark Guthrie Makes Decision to Skip Olympics at RIO, Due to Zika Virus Threat, Savannah Clark is Pregnant.

Savannah Clark Guthrie is an American journalist who has been working for NBC News. She has been co-anchor of The Today Show since July 2012.

The "Today" reporter reported her pregnancy on Tuesday and said she won't go to Rio for NBC's scope of the Olympics due to worries about Zika  Virus infection.

The ailment, which is spread by mosquitos, has harassed huge regions of South America and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the olympic games will be held this mid year.

Zika has been connected to serious birth deformities and microcephaly - unusual mental health that causes a littler than normal head size and scholarly inabilities.

Guthrie cited, " I am gonna able to go to Rio" "The specialists say that we shouldn't as a result of the CDC - on account of the Zika infection. So I'll miss it."

Both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control  (CDC) have prompted pregnant ladies to abstain from setting out to territories with Zika if conceivable.

The pregnancy is Guthrie's second. She made the declaration amid the "Today" appear and posted footage of the uncover on Twitter. Guthrie, 44, said the infant is normal in December.