Jaden Smith Is Not Dead: Fake Suicide Video Of Will Smith’s Son Saying Goodbye Goes Viral

Despite having a new TV show on Netflix coming out this month and doing red carpet with his father Will, who appears in Suicide Squad, many people are falling for the viral hoax.

Jaden Smith is not dead but rumors of his death have been making the rounds on Facebook for weeks. A recent hoax involves a fake video of Jaden Smith committing suicide by hanging where he purportedly says goodbye to his father, Will Smith.

Despite having a new TV show on Netflix coming out this month and doing red carpet with his father Will, who appears in Suicide Squad, many people are falling for the viral hoax.

The hoax involves getting permission to post on the user’s Facebook page. Therefore, many people are seeing the news on the feed of their friends, which makes the fake story seem more credible.

The spam apps make the user give permission to see the so-called suicide video. This is intriguing enough for many people to unknowingly spread the rumor. Below is an example of one of the fake websites used to lure unsuspecting Facebook users:

Jaden Smith has not responded to the death rumors and has been through it before. In 2012, a fake story suggested that the 18-year old rapper and actor died in a skiing accident.

With many recent photos of Will Smith and his son, Google searches of the Karate Kid actor are dominated by searches about his alleged suicide with “Jaden Smith dead” being the hottest trend.

According to Facebook Help, you can remove the app creating the spam by clicking the “x” button when scrolling over the app list. However, some Facebook users also spread the hoax by simply sharing the links from one of the fake websites.

The young actor and rapper, who is alive and well, is currently dating Sarah Synder. While their relationship is reportedly on the rocks, the couple have been photographed together.

Jaden Smith was raised by to famous parents – Will and Jada – therefore, the actor has grown accustomed to ignoring internet rumors pertaining to his personal life or even purported death.

When he is not acting, Jaden has taking on the fashion world with his gender fluid style. He is also known to say bizarre things in his interviews. In a recent chat with GQ, Will Smith’s son talks about his vision for the world.

“I’m really working towards just fixing the whole planet Earth. I really just want to create a utopia on this planet. I really want to make it so that people don’t have to die to pay bills and just work to survive. So that they can work to actually live and do the things that they love to do. It also contributes towards society. It makes society a better place. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Jaden Smith’s upcoming series The Get Down will be his first major acting role in three years since he starred in After Earth alongside his father Will Smith. He plays a graffiti writer in the big-budget Netflix series, which is set in the 70s. The show is also about hip-hop and how it started in the Bronx decades ago.

Jaden Smith also sees his new role as a chance to influence a younger generation. In his GQ interview he talks about the importance of the next generation.

“The more people I can get to pay attention to the things that I say, the more of a revolution that I can start – the more of an evolution that I can start. And it’s not about convincing the adults of right now, it’s about convincing the kids because then the kids are just going to take all of the adults of right now out of their place. They’re going to take all of their jobs. So that’s why I want to just influence the kids and make the kids on my side. That’s all that really matters.”

Jaden Smith is far from dead, and it seems like influencing the fashion world and gender fluidity are some of his goals.

aden Smith Is Not Dead Fake Suicide Video